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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Learn a language (B1 Level) of your choice in 60 days completely on your own!

“The LLS Program is a newly innovative approach developed by the military during the Cold War to help spies learn foreign languages for infiltration purposes in only 60 days, but now the DVD containing all its secrets is available to you for only 3 easy payments of only 99, 99$, but wait!, if you call now we will throw in the second DVD showing how to get even more fluent! Call Now! "

Its easier than it looks!

If you have ever encountered such claims online, please don't even bother wasting your money on secret techniques. If there was an efficient way to teach someone a language faster, the education system would have adopted it already. All those secret methods used to advertise language schools are a great addition to train specific aspects of the language but are overall supported by good old-fashioned study, cram and practice.

My secret program:
The ingredients (in your language):

- 60 minutes of your free time, every day for 60 days. Split into 3x 20 minutes sessions.
- 1 extra hour of your free time on the weekends.
- An empty notebook for notes (on paper so you can carry it around with you)
- Pimsleur Audiotapes or a similar product. (An mp3 player or your phone)
(Get it here: http://thepiratebay.se/search/pimsleur/0/99/0 )
- A beginner and intermediate text book (A1-B1)
- A grammar compendium (a book or source containing all the grammar for reference)
- Google Translate (or any other translator of your choice)
- Anki (Get it here: http://ankisrs.net/ )
- Rosetta Stone and a Microphone (Get it here: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/5210152/Rosetta_Stone_3.4.5___Crack(VasiaZozulia) )

Follow the recipe!

How to do it:

1- When you wake up in the morning take 20 minutes before work to do 1 colored segment of Rosetta Stone. The colored segments are the ones presenting new material unlike the white ones which only serve as a review.

2- On your way to work, listen to 1 unit of Pimsleur (which vaguely lasts 20 minutes) until you reach your destination.

3- Work all day

4- On your way back home, listen to 1 unit of Pimsleur until you reach your house.

5- Go out and get a beer (ideally with native speakers).

6- Do this from Monday to Friday.

7- At the weekends, take some time to cover and write down the main essentials of the grammar in your notebook. Take your newly learned grammar and create Flashcards using Anki for quick daily revisions. This is what grammar you should be reviewing:

Weekend 1:
A list of essential phrases used on a daily basis (How are you? and so on)

Weekend 2: 
A list of essential vocabulary covering situations (your room, your kitchen and so on)

Weekend 3: 
Verb tables (What is the rule to write and conjugate your verbs)

Weekend 4:
A list of essential verbs used on a daily basis (to go, to do, to make, to eat and so on)

Weekend 5: 
Questions (How to ask them and how to build them)
Articles and plurals (What are the endings and which article does what)

Weekend 6: 
Comparatives (An example: I am happier than you are)
Superlatives (An example: He drinks the most in my family)

Weekend 7:
Relative Clauses (An example: The man who was here, left)

Weekend 8:
Habits (How to say "I used to", "I am used to", "and I will get used to")
Modal verbs (How do they work and what do they do)
Conditionals (What is the rule and how do I apply them)

8- Carry your notebook everywhere and glance briefly at the grammar, whenever you have the chance.

9- Every Weekend, do 1 or 2 units from your student's book.

10- Go out and meet people in order to practice the spoken language. You can also hire a private teacher or attend some kind of language exchange tandems. Speaking has a tendency to bind it all together which makes it more accessible in your head.

Warning: If you don't practice orally with others (ideally in a party-like environment after a couple of beers), you will advance at a much slower pace.

If you follow these steps accordingly, I promise B1 level in 2 months’ time without actually struggling with old school learning methods. The key is to simply do it everyday.


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